Cloud Solutions

Boost corporate value with cloud computing services

The Ablore Cloud Services are created with our clients in mind and are provided on the platform that best suits their requirements. Ablore is the end-to-end services provider that can assist you whether you’re trying to resolve problems, formulate a plan, use managed services, or further modernise and protect your apps and infrastructure.

Development Servers

Shared CPU

Dedicated CPU

Intel Server

AMD Server


You may run your production programmes with the assurance that other users won’t affect their performance thanks to dedicated CPU resources. Nearly all CPU-intensive workloads and production applications, such as video encoding, machine learning, and data processing, are best suited for dedicated CPU plans.


For software developers, we provide a development server that is intended to make it easier to build and test programmes, websites, software, and apps. We offer a run-time environment in addition to the hardware and software tools required for developing and debugging programmes.


Our most economical virtual machines with the best price-to-performance ratio are shared CPU compute instances. They offer a resource set that is well-balanced and suitable for a variety of applications. Shared plans are perfect for production applications, low traffic websites, personal blogs, development servers, staging servers, and other servers that may not be impacted by resource contention.



We provide these servers for scaling AI and cryptography in public, private, hybrid, and multicloud environments. With platform-wide innovation, Intel servers are designed from the ground up with cutting-edge memory and storage performance and capacity, as well as special processor-based performance and security capabilities.


Additionally, we provide AMD servers. AMD’s primary products for servers, workstations, personal computers, and embedded systems include microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors, graphics processors, and FPGAs.